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    Hiding stores


      Hi guys,


      I have this scenario, in iProcurement, I have only 2000 inventory items and the rest are smart forms. I created 1 store for all 2000 inventory items and created 6 other stores as smart forms for each category (Ads & Promo, MIS, Engineering, Construction, Store Planning, and other Services). Now I have 8 OU's that are supplied by the categories, and there are like 5 IO's in 1 OU and each of them has specific category assigned to them (e.g. 1 requester for Ads & Promo, MIS, other Services, Engineering, Store Planning) the rest there is only 1 person requesting for all OU's (specifically Inventory and Construction).


      Now, since that most of the stores used smart forms, I want to hide the stores and prevent them from seeing the other store though they aren't able to continue with the process cause of the assigned PR hierarchy. What I've done is to setup the categories and assigned it to each OU, created content zones that is restricted to the responsibility given to the users, attached the content zone and smart form to a store that caters a specific OU. But the output is when I'm logged in as Ads & Promo requester I can still see the MIS, other Services, Engineering, and Store Planning. And if I'm logged in as Construction requester I can also see the 5 categories since I have multiple responsibilities assigned to all OU's. How can I hide other stores in OU level?


      I tried to research about the commodity in Purchasing responsibility, but I don't know the output. In there I created a commodity, input the category, assign it to the person and in creating a smart form there will be a check box that will appear to activate the commodity created. But nothing happened.


      Please help me.


      Thank you