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    Oracle 12c can't loging with EM Express error: Security token does not match. You must login again...


      I configured EM express and proceed to login. I was able to access the login page but when attempting to login using the user 'system' I get the following error: Security token does not match. You must login again...


      -I installed by 12c database manually using  a CREATE DATABASE statement and ran the recommended sql scripts catproc.sql, catalog.sql and using system pupbld.sql

      - I configured the dispatcher parameter at init.ora and confirmed configuration:

      SQL> show parameter dispatchers

      NAME                                 TYPE        VALUE

      ------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------

      dispatchers                          string      (PROTOCOL=TCP) (SERVICE=VOLBXDB

      - from lsnrctl status output:




      Service "VOLBXDB" has 1 instance(s).


      -I'm not using a named listener.

      -XDB https port is configured (I'm  able to connect to the login page)

      Any idea of what I'm missing?


      Here's more information...........


      In Firefox I get a window back with more details, and it seems it's failing on: saveToken(): saving the token

      9934     : DBUrlLoader.reportLoadComplete(): done loading

      9935     : doLogin(): save token

      9937     : saveToken(): saving the token


      Here's the entire error message:


      TypeError: Error #1034


      Memory Log:

      0     : AppContext(): params=null, bootStrap: true

      8     : AppContext(): params=[object Object], bootStrap: false

      8     : AppContext(): _locale=en-US

      19     : AppContext(): no active report(Object)#0

        caching = "1369729771"

        em_express = "true"

        locale = "en-US"

      19     : AppContext(): _em_express=true _emx_caching_number=1369729771 resourceDir=/em/resources

      19     : AppContext(): localeChain is null, resourceDir=/em/resources

      19     : NLSResources.setRootUrl(): rootUrl=/em/resources

      20     : AppContext:createAppContext(): AppContext.execModeem

      35     : NLSResources.initResource()

      60     : EMAppicationScript - showPage() page.pageFeature=null, currentPage=null

      265     : DBUrlNavigator:navigateToApp(): login/login

      265     : pages length: 1

      265     : page feature: login/login

      266     : EMPageScript initiateRefresh() urlvariables:

      272     : EMBaseController.refreshModel(): enter

      272     : EMBaseController:refreshModel(): prevRefreshUrlVariables=

      272     : doProcessLanguage(): enter

      273     : NLSResources.getSelectedLocale(): locale=en_US

      273     : NLSResources.loadResource(): locale=en_US currentLocale=en_US

      275     : EMAppicationScript - showPage() page.pageFeature=login/login, currentPage=emxLogin0.EMApplication6.viewStack.EMLandingPage11

      275     : EMAppicationScript - showPage() currentPage.pageFeature=null

      9763     : DBUrlLoader:loadInternal(): loading comp=Login rep=doLogin

      9932     : DBUrlLoader.onComplete(): success (str=<login token="EYSakD/xk4LKDGMM8yeLAA==">ok</login>...)

      9934     : DBUrlLoader.reportLoadComplete(): done loading

      9935     : doLogin(): save token

      9937     : saveToken(): saving the token

      9968     : DBUrlLoader.reportLoadComplete(): notify failure in processFct

      TypeError: Error #1034



      So I set a trace event on init.ora:

      event="31098 trace name context forever, level 2"


      And found the error at: <SID>_s000_6534.trc, following are the relevant lines and at the bottom the error I got back in the browser




      Host: <editedhereforpostingatforums>:5500
      Connection: keep-alive
      Content-Length: 9     

      Origin: https://<editedhereforpostingatforums>:5500

      Accept-Language: en_US   

      User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/29.0.1547.62 Safari/537.36

      Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded                                                                  
      Accept: */*                                                                                                      
      Referer: https://<editedhereforpostingatforums>:5500/em/shell                                                                        
      Accept-Encoding: gzip,deflate,sdch                                                                               
      Cookie: EMXSESSIONID_5500=MFOi8ezEbyMs+6l0rQ4DPg==                                                               
      HTTP/1.1 200 OK                                                                                                  
      MS-Author-Via: DAV                                                                                               
      DAV: 1,2,<http://www.oracle.com/xdb/webdav/props>                                                                 
      Server: Oracle XML DB/Oracle Database                                                                            
      Content-Type: text/xml                                                                                           
      Transfer-Encoding: chunked                                                                                       

      <mesg type="emxerr">TOKEN_MISMATCH</mesg>   <--------------------------------------- I can see at the trace the same error but this is a binary file so that's all I can read


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