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    How to use EQTSearchablePropertyConfig

    Terry Huang

      HI All,


      I find EQTSearchablePropertyConfigs.xml in configuration guide.

      but the guide don't mention which fuction or module will use this EQTSearchablePropertyConfigs.

      Which fuction or user interface will be effected if I change this configuration?



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          This file lets you define which search criteria show up at the top of the drop down list.    For example, out of the box on the material spec search screen Spec Name, Spec Number, Equivalent and Ingredient Statement are the 4 defaults.   You can remove these, rearrange them or add more using this config file.


          To add more you need to find the appropriate property ID for the criteria you would like to add.    You can find the ID by viewing the page source and finding the option tags for the search criteria dropdown.  For example, if you wanted to make current Workflow Group a default value then you would find the ID inside the option's value:   <option value="CurrentWorkFlowGroup" title="Current Workflow Group">Current Workflow Group</option>  You would add this ID to the search model you are interested in.    <SearchableProperty propertyId="CurrentWorkFlowGroup" sequence="1" enabled="true" comment="" />

          Sequence can be adjusted to decide which order they appear.


          More information about this file can also be found in the configuration guide. 


          Hope this helps,