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    Database upgrade - Oracle 10g r2 ,RAC(2 Nodes with ASM) upgrade from HP-UX to RHEL 5.9

    Gopalkrishna M

      Hi All


      I am planning to upgrade our RAC database 2 nodes with ASM from HP-UX to RHEL 5.9.

      Following is our setup

      Current setup:


      Oracle Database 10g r2 ( RAC database.

      Nodes: 2

      Storage: ASM

      OS: HP-UX ia64

      Database Size: 1.2 TB


      New Setup:


      Oracle Database 10g r2( RAC database

      Nodes: 2

      Storage: ASM

      OS: RHEL 5.9 x86 64


      Since we are moving from a big endian format to a small endian format(HP-UX to RHEL 5.9) the same ASM cannot be used.

      Kindly help me with process and other important documents to be followed.