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    What does it mean by $scope=global in ATG..?

    Janaka Priyadarshana

      According to the documentation,

      Global: Component is shared among all users.

      Session: Separate instances of the component are provided to each user.


      Is that means, for global component, there is only one instance for the whole nucleus system..

      If this is true, how does it valid for components like ‘/atg/dynamo/transaction/TransactionManager’ and most of the droplets..?

      Because those components are used by several users at a single moment..



      I understood the ‘TransactionManager’ behavior. According to the definition there should be single transaction manager, and he should keep transaction objects per each transaction. But my question is still valid for droplets like, foreach, switch, etc (most of them are globally scoped) If there is only one instance of corresponding class for the whole nucleus system, isn't it having bad effects on performance?


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          Gopinath Ramasamy



          The term 'scope' refers to component and not the class.


          So, global components will be instantiated only once (load the class file -> create the component -> initialize the values from the properties file).


          Droplets are meant to be used across the applications and so no need to instantiate the components more than one time. Also they serve the same purpose even if we do so.


          Hope this helps.

          Keep posting the questions.



          Gopinath Ramasamy