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    Not able to find the Operating unit which I associated with my business group


      Hi All,


      I created business group, legal entity and operating unit and attached attached business group to OU.



      Legal Entity:MM Finace

      OU: MM OU and business group which I selected for this OU is MM GROUP.

      I set the profile option HR%SECURITY%PROFILE to the MM group at responsibility level(MM HRMS).

      I set the profile option HR%Cross%business%group set as "yes" at site level.

      I set the profile option HR%operti%unit to MM OU at responsibility level(MM HRMS).

      After that I switched to MM HRMS responsibility and I am trying to find out the OU which I created with the below navigation,but I could not able to find the OU which I created.

      work structures->organization->Description

      After that I have created one more OU in the LE "MM Finnace" with the business group as "Setup Businessgroup",but this OU I can able to find in MM HRMS responsibility.


      Could you please any one tell me why the OU which has been assigned to my BG not able to find from MM HRMS resp?


      Please let me know if you need any further information on this issue.