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    DMZ configurations




      We have implemented R12 EBS Application with I-suppliyer & I-recruitment modules.


      We have configured DMZ for i-supplier with url https://isupplier.com and now we wanted to configure the https://i-recruitement.com in same R12 EBS Application.


      Can you suggest how to configure the second URL of isupplier from same EBS Application in DMZ.


      We have following setup


      Reverse Proxy servers:-

      1) Isuppliier.com--> which talks with issupplier modules and it is runing fine ( http:isupplier.com:8000)

      2) Irecruitment.com


      DMZ Server;




      I know that we can get the i-recrutiment page by using "IrcVisitor.jsp" but would like to know how to configure the  I-recruitment url from same EBS Application.


      Can i achive above configuration of i-recruitment with the same DMZ server or i need to configure additional DMZ server for I-recruitment same like i-supplier.




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          Hi Yogesh,



          The entry page for for external site visitors is via the IrcVisitor.jsp. Syntax:




          For DMZ confifugration on Release 12 -


          For information on how to secure iRecruitment for external users and use outside the firewall, see:


          • DMZ Configuration with Oracle E-Business Suite 12 (Note: 380490.1) on My Oracle Support

                Be sure to,also see section in this note "Configure Initial Page"



          And if using SSL -

          • Enabling SSL in Oracle Applications Release 12 (Note: 376700.1) on My Oracle Support




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            Hi Debbie,


            Thanks for your input.


            I am giving you a summary of my setup.


            R12 Isupplier is already configured in DMZ  for this i have introduced one external Application server (DMZ Server)


            I wanted to configure Irecruitment url in same DMZ server where i have isupplier running and talking to the same Database.


            Server A :- DMZ :- One Application Top which holds isupplier context file

            Server B :- Internal Application server

            Server C : DB Server


            Let me know if i want to configure Irecruitment in  same DMZ server do i need to introduced additioanl inst_top or any additioanl things.


            Also on DMZ server do i need any other virtual server which will holds Irecruitment.


            Can you please clarify what needs to be done to configure Irecruitment and isupplier in same EBS Application server(DMZ Server )