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    getting command line parameters to JavaFX app started by javaws


      How can I get command line parameters into a JavaFX app launched via javaws ?


      I've tried


      javaws -open foo=bar http://localhost:8080/test/myapp.jnlp


      but none of these:


      Map<String, String> named = getParameters().getNamed();

      List<String> unnamed = getParameters().getUnnamed();

      List<String> raw = getParameters().getRaw();


      return anything. I also tried


      javaws http://localhost:8080/test/myapp.jnlp?foo=bar


      and then


      String url = getHostServices().getDocumentBase().toString();


      but it just returns url = http://localhost:8080/test/


      Does anyone have any idea ?  TBH, I'm just about ready to give JavaFX away and go back to GWT.