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    setup.exe for developer suite not running

    E Langford

      I'm trying to use the microsoft Virtual XP mode to run developer suite 10g as per Document 1386014.1


      I started setup.exe but it wouldn't accept the file for disk 1, so I cancelled to reconfigure the download files and now the setup.exe wont' run at all.


      I've tried in the virtual xp window and on my host windows 7 pc but neither will run it.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks, Elaine

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          What is the exact version of Oracle Forms 10g you are trying to install?  Which edition of Windows 7 (eg: Home, Advanced Home, Professional, etc) are you using?  Also, is it 32-bit or 64-bit?


          While Oracle Forms 10g R2 ( is not certified for Windows 7, it can and does run quite well on Windows 7.  However, you do need to have Windows 7 Professional or higher.  The Home editions of Windows 7 don't include all of the networking support needed.


          The key to installing Oracle Forms 10g R2 on Windows 7 is the preparion for installation.  By following these steps you should be able to successfully install:

          1. The Oracle Installer does not recognize the internal version of Windows 7
            1. Therefore, you must Right-click the Forms setup.exe, select the Compatability tab and "check" the Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP Sp3
          2. You must install using an Administrator account.
            1. While in the Properties of the setup.exe and while you are on the Compatibility tab, "check" the "Run this program as an administrator" checkbox in the Privilege Level section.
          3. The Windows Installer can't read the Windows Virtual Memory settings when they are managed by Windows.
            1. To fix this issue, you have to modify the way Windows manages Virtual Memory temporarily.  Take a look at this Microsoft article for help changing this setting:  Change the size of virtual memory
            2. I recommend you set the Min size to 1024 and the Max to 3096.  After you have successfully installed Oracle Forms, you should change your VM settings back to "Managed by Windows."

          Once you have successfully completed the installation, if you plan to run a Form from the Forms Builder you will need to update the Forms configuration to support this.  Take a look at this article for how to make these configuration changes: How to Configure Forms Builder to run forms locally .

          Hope this helps,


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            Hi Elaine,


            You may read "How to Install Oracle Developer Suite 10g (10.1.2) on Windows 7 (32-bit) [ID 1292919.1]". This is a complete description how to install Developer Suite on Windows 7, 32bit (not 64bit).




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              E Langford

              Hi Craig,


              thanks for the reply. Sorry it was a bit of a wild end of day 'it doesn't work' moan and not very specific.

              PC has just been upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit Enterprise Edition and I'm trying to install the 10gR2 version of Developer Suite that I had previously. To do this quickly* (so I thought), I decided to do this using the Micorsoft XP Mode emulator. However, when I ran the Universal Installer (setup.exe) the first time, it had problems viewing one of the directories with the download info in it. (disc 1 unzipped file), so I cancelled it. Now the setup.exe runs but fails before the installer display appears.

              *[I was planning to spend more time later getting it running directly on the Win 7 PC]

              I have found a log file after reading the documentation on the installer but can't quite dicipher what as gone wrong. [The DBA thinks the later install fails as part of the directories and registry have been created by the first.] So I dropped the first XP mode install and started again. I'm also pre-loading Java 6 45 and an Oracle instant client.

              I may also have had problems as I tried to install it in a sub-directory rather that at the root of C, so will try that.

              I will try running it with the compatability mode, though now  you mention it, I do remember when I ran it last time, I had to get full adminstrator rights to load the software so will check with IT support about that before I start.

              I work for a UK university and they try to tie users down on permissions, forgetting some of us techies need more than the basic setup.

              Thanks for your time and I'll feedback on my progress later today or next week as I have a few days leave early next week.

              Cheers, Elaine

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                E Langford

                Apparently I do have full administrator access and the Installer is still not running in the XP mode virtual machine.


                Will investigate further but any other contributions welcome.

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                  ELangford wrote:
                  I work for a UK university and they try to tie users down on permissions, forgetting some of us techies need more than the basic setup.


                  Unfortunately, without the Administrator privilege, you will not be able to install the Oracle Developer Suite 10g R2.  You will need to request this privilege from your IT group.



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                    E Langford

                    Hi Craig et al,


                    I now have this running. The zip files originally downloaded were missing a directory.

                    I downloaded these fresh from Oracle Support and all seems okay for the XP virtual mode now.


                    Now to see if I can get it to run on Windows 7 (after a long lie down)


                    Many thanks, Elaine