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    Object Open Error while trying to export the vDataFact table


      I am getting an error when trying to export the vDataFact table to a flat file.  I have been able to do this several time before with the segment tables but would like to run this against vDataFact


      The error in the error log is:


             Code............ -2147217915

             Description..... Object was open.


      The screen error is:

            The connection cannot be used to perform this operation.  It is either closed or invalid in this context.


      The line that appears to cause the issue is: Set rssql = API.DataWindow.DataAccess.farsKeySet(CStr(strSQL))


      Here is my complete script:

      Sub webdatafacts()


      'Declare Variables

         Dim objFileSystem 'File System

         Dim strFileName 'File name

         Dim ObjTextFile


      'SQL variables

        Dim strSQL ' Placehold for SQL Query

        Dim rssql 'Placeholder for result set for sql query execution


      'SQL Statement

                  strSQL = "SELECT PartitionKey, Account, AccountX, Entity, EntityX, ICP, ICPX, UD1, UD1X, UD2, UD2X, UD3, UD3X, UD4, UD4X, Amount  FROM vDataFact" 

                  set rsSQL = DW.DataAccess.farsFireHose(strSQL,False)

      'Create the filesystem object

                  Set objFileSystem = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

                  Set ObjTextFile = objFileSystem.OpenTextFile(DW.Connection.PstrDirInbox & "\VDataFactExport.txt", 2, TRUE, 0)  



                  If Not rssql.EOF and Not rssql.BOF Then

                  Set objTextFile = objFileSystem.OpenTextFile(DW.Connection.PstrDirInbox & "\VDataFactExport.txt", 2, FALSE, 0)

                  Do Until rssql.EOF


      'Loop across all fields in recordset delimiting them with a tab key

                  For i = 0 To rssql.Fields.Count -1

                 strString = StrString & rssql(i) & vbTab



      'Output the resulting string to the text file

                ObjTextFile.WriteLine (strString)


      'Reset the string to empty for the next record

               strString = ""


      'Move to the next record in the recordset




      'Close the recordset and the text file



          End If


      'Destroy the instance of the recordset from memory

            Set rssql = Nothing


      End Sub