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    How to Override executeQuery() in VOImpl.java for simple search



      When I am going thorugh the dev guide I read that we can override the execute query to add more where conditions for a simple search with queryBean.

      As per dev guide ,


      If your view object's definition requires bind values, or you must manually append an unrelated WHERE clause every time the query is executed, you can proceed in one of two ways. In either scenario, OAFramework appends the user's search criteria to the WHERE clause immediately before executing the query,so any WHERE clause characteristics that you define are preserved.

      1. Override the executeQuery() method in your *VOImpl to modify your WHERE clause and then call super.executeQuery(). This is recommended if you exercise the same logic every time the view object is queried.
      2. Handle the generated Go button's press and call an initQuery() method on your view object where you can modify the WHERE clause and/or set bind values.



      I didnt see the executeQuery() in my *VOImpl , am I missing anything here ? can you please help me to code the above ways of handling the execution.

      I saw another exactly post in this forums and it didnt help much . (https://forums.oracle.com/thread/541807) .