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    Record sorting using integer properties in aggregated records


      This is regarding a clarification on how sorting works across within rolled up endeca records . We roll up endeca records to represent the complete record (product). We have price as a property available with every record and when rolled up along with price sorted (low to high), with in the aggregated record we get the least price. When we apply price sorting (high to low), we get highest price with in the aggregated product.
      we are looking for is the least price with in the aggregated record to be used for sorting High to Low. Any ideas if this can be done.


      Below is the example of how the data looks at record level.

      R1  3.35
      R2  3.25
      R3  2.85
      R1  2.35
      R2  3.45
      R1  3.45
      R2  4.65
      R3  3.25
      R4  3.95

      Currently Low to High brings (P2-2.35,P1-2.85,P3-3.25)
      Currently High to Low brings (P3-4.65,P2-3.45, P1-3.35)


      Expected  ---> High to Low (P3-3.25, P1-2.85, P2-2.35) The reverse order of current low to high