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    Tabular format to Pivot format



      I have a question like i have data coming in normal tabular foramt in sql developer i want that data to be shown in Pivot Format,

      sql is a dynamic sql no static values so how can i convert the same sql into pivot format and then use the same sql in Oracle Apex


      If we cant convert the sql data from tabular format to pivot format by sql how can we use the same sql and get data in pivot format in Oracle Apex 4.2 version or is there any other way in oracle we can do it for dynamic sql.

      I have even converted my dynamic sql into XML format and have use it in Apex then too its showing error [unsupported data type]


      Currently data is coming in the below given format and i want data to be coming in Pivot format

      We have two parameters in the sql


      Header 1Header 2Header 3


      Can anyone help me on this Please!!!