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    FTP Adapter Functionality


      Hi everyone.


      Problem: Two files are produced off of the same database record because the FTP Adapter picks up two files too quick. The second instance does not give the first instance the time to update a flag column so duplication does not happen.


      Goal: Have the FTP Adapter wait for a given amount of time to pick up the next file so that the first instance has time to update the database record.


      Question: If two or more files exist in the same directory at the time the FTP Adapter polls that directory, is there a way to set the FTP Adapter to wait for a given amount of time after the first file is picked up?



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          Configure the FTP adapter for high availability to ensure that only one of the managed servers processed a file.

          See here for configurations required.


          Oracle JCA Adapter for Files/FTP

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            As such there is no wait option between processing each file during the polling cycle in the File/FTP adapter. Instead, you can use MaxRaiseSize property to define the number of files to be processed during the polling cycle. In this scenario you can set it to 1. Add the following entry in the adapter jca file. <property name="MaxRaiseSize" value="1"/>

            The adapter will process only one file during each polling interval, so there is an equivalent delay between each instance. You can set the polling frequency to an optimal interval so that the inbound files are processed without much delay because of this.