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    BI Publisher Template - Not Using Provided HTML tags

    Karen W.

      We have created an xml template for our EBS 12.1.3 Purchasing Contracts module and have run into some behaviour issues.  The output we are using is the Oracle seeded  Contract Terms Data Definition.  So the tags and data are already provided.  We're using those tags in an .rtf file in Word with the BI Publisher deskop integrated.


      The text for clause is provided in one tag <AriticleText>.   Within those tags there is the html tag <P> with text that needs to put into paragraphs then </p> and some text within the paragraphs there are variables used in creating the clauses.  Here's an example:



          (a) A

           <var name="1022" type="U" meaning="Contract Type" />

           <EM>[insert specific type of contract]</EM>

           defintiive contract is implemented.  The Contractor agress to begin promptly negotiating with the Contracting Officer the tersm of a .........(1) text .... (2) more text. 
      the Contract agrees to submit a

           <var name="1022" type="U" meaning='Contract Type" />

            <EM>[insert specific type of proposal; e.g., fixed-price or cost-and-fee]</EM>



           (b) The maximum amount for which........




      There would then be a (c) section and (e) and so on and so on.  Some of these are many many pages long.


      Here are the two issues I'm having:

      1)  The entire ArticleText is printed without any indentations, without including any paragraph changes.  The (b) would be on the same line as then ending of (a).  It's ignoring the html tags it seems like and

      2)  None of the variable data is included.  It just prints nothing where the variable should go.


      Does anyone know how to handle this?