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    Delimited String To A Single Row Within A Table


      I'll try to make a simple example of what I am trying to accomplish...


      Let's say that I have a table (Blah) which has the following Fields:

      User, DateTime, Q1, Q2.... all the way to Q50.  The Questions are radios with a value of 1,0, or null.



      Since I didn't want to manually make 50 different items for the Radio questions, I am creating them from Javascript within a Region Source; as well as giving them id's and names.  This worked fine.


      When I hit a submit button, I have Javascript create a delimited string for the questions, which I pass to a Shared Item.  (1,0,1,1,null,0,etc...)  I then have the Javascript run a Shared Procedure for the Insert into my Table.


      Here is where I am stuck.  I am confused on how to merge the delimited string into my Insert statement, from PL/SQL.


      Here is a dummied down sample of what I am trying to write.  (Shared Item is :ITEM_ARRAY, with a delimiter of ~:~ )








          array := APEX_UTIL.STRING_TO_TABLE(:ITEM_ARRAY, ':~:' );


          INSERT INTO tbl_blah (



               FOR z IN 1..array.count LOOP


               END LOOP;





      Every which way I tried, I always get Not Enough Values Error.

      I tried to make everything in a delimited string as well:

      Insert Into tbl_blah (SELECT * FROM array)


      Can someone please enlighten me on the correct way to do this.  All of the examples I have seen are to write to multiple rows, via the loop.  I want to just have 1 record, horizontally.


      Thanks !!!