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    Add more columns to tabular form


      I am currently developing a tabular form based on database table 'table_a'


      I now need to add a new column using 'select new_column from table_b where table_b.columnid = table_a.columnid'


      The tabular form still works fine if the new column is shown as Display Only. However , if I change this column into a Text field, then I get the error :

      • Current version of data in database has changed since user initiated update process. current row version identifier = "446B5DCC518D860CBC34A14A953C1260" application row version identifier = "3DD9DD450810C68473CE20E5C10E8AAC" (Row 1)


      I understand this is due to checksum calculation behind the scene. Why does Apex use this new column as part of checksum even though I am not referencing it to any table in the column attribute but only use it to capture the state of each row ?


      is there any other way I can allow the user to enter new column values so I can use their input to reference another table for updating the current rows on the tabular report ?


      I am on version Application Express Version 4.2.1