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    OSB + IBM MQ v.7.5 (messaging)


      I need to publish and subscribe to a topic hosted at IBM WebSphere MQ ver. 7.5. Using instruction at oracle.com I copied client library (com.ibm.mq.jar) into domain lib and tried to create MQConnection resource, but failed. Menu Resources/Utils/MQ Connections still not exists in sbconsole.
      Then I tried another way, I copied a mq client library of ver. 7.0. The desired menu appeared, I managed to create a connection, but... It didn't work. The error message is telling me, that connection channel can't give me a connection.


      So, my first question: Is there a way to connect OSB with MQ v.7.5?
      If it is possible, what should i read or do?


      Thanks in advance.