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    AR Invoice - Source for unit price




      The concurrent program "Invoice Print BPA Child Program" (ARBPIPCP) prints the output in pdf format. We had created an SO with unit price as 3 decimal points and created invoice by running Autoinvoice Master program. The invoice is created with 3 decimal points

      Unit_selling_price - 0.315

      Quantity - 50000

      Extended price - 15750

      Unit_standard_price - 0.32


      But in Invoice print it shows unit price as 0.32 and extended price as 15750


      Please let us know why it is giving unit price as 0.32 (Unit_standard_price) and extended price calculated from 0.315 (Unit_selling_price). Or is it just rounding off the unit selling price to two decimals. If so, where should I set the precision to display properly. Please help.