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    ATG10.1.2/Endeca 3.1.1 - SEO Module


      Hi All,


      I am having issues with the Endeca SEO module integrated in ATG (nucleus).


      I am using the guidedsearch ToolsAndFramework and I can tell that the URLs are being rewritten. I checked the assembler response in XML.


      I have setup the NavigationStateBuilder: urlFormatter=/atg/endeca/url/seo/SeoUrlFormatter


      I see the URL for the navigationState being rewritten but when I use one of them I always get the same response. The results are not being filtered.


      Example: One dimension value (navState) = /_/N-1z141gw?format=xml


      For this example I did not setup any dimLocationFormatters. I kept it to the minimum for testing.


      I have a similar issue with the recorddetails page: The URL get rewritten properly with the right "propertyKeys" but the record won't show up. In the XML response I get from this URL:




      <Item type="RecordDetailsService"><Property name="recordDetails"><Item error="No record state found.  Check the configuration for this cartridge." type="ProductDetail"/></Property><Property name="endeca:contentPath"><String>/recorddetails</String></Property><Property name="name"><String>Record Details Service</String></Property><Property name="redirectCollection"><String/></Property><Property name="endeca:siteRootPath"><String>/services</String></Property></Item>


      In the ATG server log I get:


      Unable to set configured property "/atg/endeca/assembler/cartridge/handler/RecordDetail.recordState" atg.nucleus.ConfigurationException: Unable to resolve component /atg/endeca/assembler/cartridge/manager/RecordState


      But if I change the URL to /recorddetails/?R=1083506?format=xml then it works...


      Help or hints would be greatly appreciated.