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    Consolidating Operating Units




      I work for a company that has recently implemented Oracle R12. For reasons that I assume were logical at the time the implementation team implemented a structure of one operating unit (with associated subledgers) per balancing segment value. It is worth pointing out at this stage that I am no Oracle expert however I have done some reading and I understand that you can create operating units along business unit lines and hence we could have created a structure of one operating unit associated to many balancing segments thereby reducing the effort when bringing on new business i.e. not having to create a new operating unit every time we identify the need for a new company.


      I was wondering if someone can help me understand what are the benefits in terms of time saved should we move to a many is to one (BSV -> OU) structure. Is there significantly less configuration effort is associating a new BSV to an existing OU or does the effort balance itself out with other configuration requirements for this model?


      I do realize that moving from one structure to another will involve major work and that would obviously be a huge factor.