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    how to upgrade jdk in 11i

    pritesh ranjan

      Hi expert,

      i have to apply

      24163111i.ATG_PF.H.delta.7 (RUP7)

      doc  783600.1

      this patch and its prerequest is developer 6i patchset 19 and a minimum JDK version of 1.5.0 is required on HTTP server nodes. i upgrade form developer 6i successfully. but unable to upgrade jdk 1.5.0.

      i search metalink and google both but unable to find out perfect doc to upgrade jdk 1.5.0 on 11i.

      my current rup patch level is 4 .

      i request to all of u expert plz help me to upgrade jdk 1.5.0. and refer me any doc that help me to upgrade it.

      currently i m using jinitiator  30.

      os linux 4


      thanks & regards

      pritesh ranjan