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    genericDomain convertet & commit/rollback operations

    Endrik Lelo

      Greetings everybody!

      I use Jdev version


      I'm experiencing a weird situation. From some time on a specific part of my application buttons representing operations like commit/rollback get activated automatically,even if no change has been done.

      Only today i've discovered that the actual problem was the usage of a converter (oracle.genericDomain) used for a field declared as CLOB in the DB. Learned this, i've tried creating a custom converter and use it, but the result is the same.

      Now, my question is, why is this happening. And how can i avoid this behavior?


      Thank you in advance!

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          Timo Hahn

          Can you describe the circumstances in more detail?  When does this happen?

          Do you know steps to reproduce this?


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            Endrik Lelo

            I'll try to be as clear as possible.


            I've got a page, displaying all the data from a table and an operation to insert a new record. The insertion form is represented in a popUp. There is a button whose action property calls a method in a managed bean.

            Inside this method, in addition to the commit operation a execute another operation binding which is an ExecuteWithParameters binding, defined in a method call which comes right after the first page in the flow (i've used an unbounded task flow). Here i set a parameter, used as a bind variable in the query of the VO coming next.

            After this, the method redirects to another page (return "secondPage.jsf" + "?faces-redirect=true";), which comes right after the method call in the task flow. This page displays the content of the record inserted. One of the fields, which is not fullfilled with data at first, is connected to an attribute with CLOB data type. I've used oracle.genericDomain as a converter (i've even tried to define my own converter but the result is the same).

            The result is that buttons connected to operations like Commit/Rollback get activated, even without making any change at all, right in the moment the page loads. And if i omit the converter, this doesn't happen.