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    Redirecting WFERROR Notifications to Specific Application Support Teams

    Jeremy Treague

      My organization utilizes many standard Oracle workflows in R12.1 as well as custom workflows.


      Presently we have all WFERROR (System: Error) notifications being sent to the SYSADMIN user - per the default out-of-box configuration for Oracle workflow.  This results in non-value-added busy work for one person or team and inhibits application support teams from being notified immediately upon workflow errors (such as failed activities / notifications).  Ideally we would like the WFERROR notification to be sent to the application team that supports the workflow type for which the error was generated instead of having to be reviewed and re-assigned by SYSADMIN.  I've observed that some standard workflows - such as POAPPRV - have hooks to redirect error notifications to a support email (such as through the POERROR workflow type), but this model is not consistent across all the out-of-box Oracle workflows.


      I would like to learn more about how other organizations are managing Oracle workflow errors.  Do you use the out-of-box configuration in which all notifications are directed to SYSADMIN user and have one person or team manage them?  Have you extended the WFERROR workflow type to route error notifications to the application support teams that support the workflow which triggered the WFERROR notification? Are there any Note ID's or whitepapers/blogs outlining the latter approach?