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    DML operations..


      Dear Gurus,

      How can I find which tables are affected by DML (Insert, Update, Delete) operations. ?


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          Ah the joy of OTN!

          The Holy Bible says to 'find' you should 'search'.

          Now obviously you didn't do that. You didn't google, you didn't search this forum.

          You were too lazy to post your four digit Oracle version and your platform.
          You abuse this forum as a chatroom.


          Google for 'DBMS_LOGMNR' and you will find your answer.


          If your next question is in the same fashion, I will mark it for what it is: abuse of this forum.



          Sybrand Bakker

          Senior Oracle DBA

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            No, I fill my answer myself now.

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              Hemant K Chitale



              I think that you are going too far in your criticism.  imho, the question was valid but incomplete without a context.


              Hemant  K Chitale

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                Hemant K Chitale

                Are you focussing on certain tables only ?  And/Or a certain time window only ?


                Have you looked at the DBA_TAB_MODIFICATIONS  / USER_TAB_MODIFICATIONS view  which track modifications since the last time table statistics were updated ?


                If you are specifically looking at certain tables only, have you considered writing an INSERT / UPDATE / DELETE trigger on each of such tables to track changes and write to an "audit" or "log" table ?


                Hemant K Chitale

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                  I'm not going too far

                  The OP didn't provide a four digit version number (so if he is running Oracle7 dbms_logmnr doesn't apply)

                  and he clearly didn't search documentation or use Google.


                  Almost 99 percent of all questions here are posed by people who don't have any industry to resolve their own problems and/or want to increase their income by outsourcing there work to a forum of volunteers.

                  This shouldn't be endorsed by anyone.



                  Sybrand Bakker

                  Senior Oracle DBA

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                    Hemant K Chitale

                    >and he clearly didn't search documentation or use Google.

                    What search keywords or phrase would you suggest that he use ?  If you really think it is possible to get an answer to such a question by a "search" of documentation or Google.


                    Hemant K Chitale