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    Dynamic Region: what am I doing wrong?

    Frank Enem



      I have been having problems with dynamic regions.


      I have two adf forms; mainPage.jsf and mainRegion.jsf. I have also two adf forms (page fragments), employee.jsff and department.jsff, I have also two bounded task flows; employee-task-flow and department-task-flow. In the mainPage.jsf, I have two buttons, employee and department.


      What I want to achieve is that when a user clicks the department button, the department-task-flow will be rendered on the mainRegion and when the employee button is clicked, the employee-task-flow will be rendered.


      In the mainRegion.jsf, I dragged the department-task-flow on to it and I choose dynamic region. I also dragged the employee-task-flow and I choose dyanmic link. The department button is bound to this method#{TestRegionManagedBean.departmenttaskflow}  while the  employee button is bound to this #{TestRegionManagedBean.employeetaskflow}. 



      When I ran the application, the mainPage displays, however, when I clicked on any of the buttons, it does not display anything.



      This is the managed been:



      package view;


      import oracle.adf.controller.TaskFlowId;


      public class TestRegion {
      private String taskFlowId = "/WEB-INF/department-task-flow.xml#department-task-flow";

      public TestRegion() {


      public TaskFlowId getDynamicTaskFlowId() {
      return TaskFlowId.parse(taskFlowId);


      public String employeetaskflow() {
      taskFlowId = "/WEB-INF/employee-task-flow.xml#employee-task-flow";
        return null;


      public String departmenttaskflow() {
      taskFlowId = "/WEB-INF/department-task-flow.xml#department-task-flow";
        return null;