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    OAF Button Enable or Disable based on Condition


      Hi All,


      I need to enable or disable a button - created through personalization. I have requirement on Standard Pages - Client Requirement.

      For this to achieve i did the following , please look at the following example

      Consider a Employee Search page, when we click on GO Button details will be displayed in the table.

      Example: Results Table

      Emp Id     Emp Name      Salary     DeptNo.  

      -----------   -------------------    ----------     --------------

      1               Roopa             10400     10

      2               Pooja              14599     20


      After my personalization , i table looks like the following


      Emp Id     Emp Name      Salary     DeptNo.         Dept Address Details

      -----------   -------------------    ----------     --------------     --------------------

      1               Roopa             10400     10                  Dept Address Details

      2               Pooja              14599     20                  Dept Address Details

      Here Dept Details is a button where you will enter department details when you click on Dept Address Details button - created through personalization. Now if i want to enter Dept Address Details only for

      those whose salary is greater than 12000 then 2nd record is the only to enter. Requirement is disable the 1st Dept Address Details and enable the 2nd button.


      I guess for this we need to go for Extension of CO of this search page but my problem is how to make this enable or disable the Button. I can't make use of Switcher since it is on standard page.

      My real question is how do i make this page with custom enable or disable on page load. I think this should be done row wise implementation but how ? Since this VO has no row implementation java attached.