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    Error in Component Interface CI_PERSONAL_DATA


      Hi, I am making an import of data with CI_PERSONAL_DATA, but is generating an error in the Peoplecode PERSON.EMPLID.SaveEdit:


      /* Use LAST_NAME since NAME won't have been populated if called from a CI */

      If %Mode = "A" Then

         &CIName = %CompIntfcName;

         If None(&CIName) Then

            &PriName = FetchValue(NAME_TYPE_VW.EMPLID, 1, NAMES.NAME, 1);


            &PriName = FetchValue(NAME_TYPE_VW.EMPLID, 1, NAMES.LAST_NAME, 1);


         If None(&PriName) Then

            Error MsgGet(1000, 887, "Message Not Found");




      The problem is that I asign value to the NAMES.LAST_NAME field, but this code does not pass this validation  "If None(&PriName) then"


      Thanks in advance