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    Changing chart type




      I created one sample page on my oracle workspace.

      I have implemented changing hight and width of chart based on item value, that was my question in last topic I opened.


      Now I want to chage Chart Type also based on item value.

      Is there any list of this helpful functions that I can use in javascript, like this one for hight and width?

      $('#R11046104351951900_chart > object', apex.gPageContext$).attr('width',$v('P18_GRAPH1_WIDTH'));







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          Explanation of page after few changes:


          1) On change XML in select list I load different XML in item P1_XML

          2) There are two items holding different XML code, one is column type other is line type

          3) Chart is always showing "Chart type" specified for "Series Type", even if Chart Type in EXL is column, I get lines on chart