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    EBS R12 Shared Printer Setup


      Hi guys

      We are using EBS R12 (12.0.6) and the environment is linux 64bit (RHEL 5.x). Right now all our concurrent jobs are producting .pdf outputs for Sales Orders, RMA etc. Our trading (retail) sector has a performance issue due to the time waiting for the pdf to popup and then to print etc.

      Hence we are analyzing the possibilities of sending the outputs straight to the printers (at present no printers are configured) to avoid the above said situation.


      Most of our showrooms are using shared printers (LQ-850, Epson dot matrix) which are shared minimum between two salesmen. Please let me know once the printers are setup with the application, how the print jobs will be completed. ie, whether the application will automatically popup the print dialog box with default printer selected etc.


      Thanks and regards,