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    Is there any way to rollback mass changes in Oracle 11i Fixed Assets?


      Hi there,


      We are currently undergoing a massive change in assets depreciation rate with amortization date starting from 01-jan-13. To achieve this we decided to use MassTransactions -> Changes  in Oracle Fixed Assets.

      There is a preview available, which shows the results on the assets that are affected as well as the changes that we have decided to make. On the other hand, the preview does not consider the accounting results of the change so there is no way to see how the depreciation is affected.

      However, someone could see the results using the what-if analysis, but in that case there is no option to use the amortization date in order to see the changes that the adjustment will create.

      The only way we could really see the final results is to perform the mass change and then do a test depreciation and see the results. But in case where something is not acceptable by us, is there ANY way to rollback/undo the mass changes we did in the specific period?

      If there is no way to do this from the UI, is there any other from the db? ( I know that messing with assets is like playing with fire )


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