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    Page Customizations for Guided search with Rule manager 3.1.2



      We are doing an Endeca-ATG e-commerce Project . Client has purchased Guided search with Rule manager 3.1.2 and no experience manager license .


      Please clarify following questions

      1)  Can we create page experience in Guided search using rule mananger with help of custom page templates ?

            Content  XML's with  <ContentTemplate></ContentTemplate>

            Can we create content collection in Rule managers with custom pages ?  In Guided Search Rule mananger For content collection There is an option to choose templates.


      2)Can i use default guided search editors while developing custom Page templates if above is allowed?

        I assume following are default guided search editors and these can be used with out Experience mnanger license. Please confirm

                     <editors:ChoiceEditor>, <editors:StringEditor>,<editors:DynamicSlotEditor>, <editors:BooleanEditor>


      3) What would be alternative editor for Navigation ? Can i use following  basic Content Item Editor in guided search because there is no support in guided search for editors:DimensionSelectorEditor?

                   <NavigationRefinementsSelector propertyName="refinements" label="Refinements" />


      4) Can i use Assembler 3.1.2 API  for guided search  ?