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    Support for unit testing object types


      There's a Feature Request that suggests expanding the unit test tool to object types:


      Provide object type support for unit tests
      In the current version ( I can perform only unit test for packages, function and procedures. But we use a lot of object types in the database and would like to test them. When is a support for object types scheduled?
      This is planned for the next release.
      Scheduled for 3.0


      Although the status suggests inclusion in v3, in my current version there is nothing.


      This is clearly an important issue for those who have voted for it as it scores a perfect 10 on average rating.


      Is there any sign of object types being supported in the 4.0EA1 release? There is a strong desire within my organisation to move to a more object-based approach to PL/SQL coding but until we are able to unit test easily there will be no real progress.