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    Dimension build error


      Hi Team,

      I am creating a dimension build rule file in EPM and when i validate the rule file , I am getting the following error for Field1 and field2. Below is the outline


      Outline: PFI_ANA (Active Alias Table:Default)

      |- Accounts Accounts (Two Pass)

      |- Div ( Dynamic Calc)

      |- Bus ( Dynamic Calc)

      |-PF (Alias:example)

      |- Prod ( Dynamic Calc)

      |- Operation ( Dynamic Calc)

      |- Year Time  ( Label only)

      |- Type ( Dynamic Calc)

      |- System ( Dynamic Calc) {Number, Country}

      |- Number Attribute ( Type: Text)

      |- Country Attribute ( Type: Text)



      "The field type for this field is not valid for the build method associated with this field's dimension"


      I have setup field 1 as Parent and field 2 as child. Also In the load rule options Under Dimension build settings > Dimension Build settings tab even though I select the dimension that I am building "System" but its not getting retained and its always displaying "Accounts" dimensions.

      I also tried selecting parent/child build method but still I am getting the ERROR.

      I appreciate your input.

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          You have basically the right idea... ...select 'System' (by double-clicking), then check 'Use parent/child references'.  Then click 'OK'.  It doesn't matter that the display defaults to another dimension when you open it up again - a single rule can remember the settings for multiple dimensions, and if you re-select 'System' you should see 'Use parent/child references' still checked.


          If you literally can't select 'System' (i.e. the selected dimension never changes) then it sounds like EAS is misbehaving and I suspect a Java compatibility issue whenever that happens.

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            Thanks for you input Tim.