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    How to set hidden or Expanded mode of a "Hide and Show Region" in APEX4.2




      I just created a "Hide and Show Region" from a template in APEX4.2, and would like to control the behaviour of this region, i.e.


      1. At the page load, this region should be in "Hidden" mode

      2. Once the user Opens the region, it should stay as "Expanded" mode ( even the page gets submitted), until the user chooses the "Hidden" mode again.


      So I tried the following

      1. Chose the Hide and Show Region(expanded) template for the APEX region

      2. uses Dynamic action to force the "Hidden" mode by setting Style as style="display: none;"  at the page load event.


      But it still shows the region in  "Expanded" mode after the page gets loaded, what's wrong here and how to fix it?