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    PO XML Delivery (Send XML Document)




      I am trying to email PO XML file to supplier by creating trading partner through 'XML Gateway Responsibility' . The Trading Partner Setup is done as follows.



      Trading Partner Type:Supplier

      Trading Partner Name:STAPLES AUSTRALIA

      Trading Partner Site:  CUSTOM NSW 1435


      Transaction Type:                         PO

      Subtype:                                    PRO

      StandardCode :                          OAG

      External Transaction type :           SOP

      Ex Transaction sub type :            SOP

      Direction :                                   OUT

      Map:                                         itg_process_po_007_out

      Connection/Hub :                          DIRECT

      Protocol type :                               SMTP

      Protocol Address :                           abc@edu.com

      Source Trading partner Location Code : value of below query:

      select party_site_id from hz_party_sites where party_id in (select party_id from hz_parties where party_name = 'STAPLES AUSTRALIA')

      Document_Confirmation Routing:           0


      Now I created PO for which 'PO XML Delivery'  for 'Set Up XML Attributes' process initiated successfully. Now as a next step I was expecting process 'Send XML Document' to be initiated by 'PO XML Delivery' which actually emails POXML to trading partner's email which is abc@edu.com in my case.

      Could you please assist me If I have missed any step. Thanks.