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    making server-side pl/sql aware of javascript value change


      Helllo, i am using apex 4.2.1 and have a need to change the default value of a text item whenever the selection  changes in a drop-down.

      The new value results from some query. Maybe I am over-complicating but I figure I'd use DA's and need something along the lines of:

      1. get new selection via javascript, have it somehow propagated to the server-side
      2. invoke pl/sql block, the server knowing about the new value can set the session state of the text item running whatever logic/query is needed
      3. refresh region containing items so the new text is displayed

      But I am stuck at step 1 - i can use $v('P1_DROP_DOWN') to get the changed selection, but how do i make the server aware of the change so that the P1_DROP_DOWN bind varaible reflects the new value without having to submit the whole page?