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    Form (Survey) Question




      I am using APEX 4.1 on an Oracle 11g database.  I, along with a student assistant, created a multi-page survey for a college course.  The survey is over 100 questions in length and spans about 10 pages in the application.  I created the first page, and the student assistant (using a separate account), created the remaining pages.  On the page that I created I set each question to have the answer be required.  If a student skips a question and doesn't answer it, they receive an error when submitting the page.  THIS WORKS CORRECTLY.  However, on the pages that the student assistant created, setting the questions to require an answer does not work.  I tried adding page item validations to these questions requiring an answer, but that didn't work either.  On every page but the one I created, students can skip questions and they do not receive errors when submitting the page.


      I was wondering if this could be caused by the fact that a second party, using a different account than I use, created those questions.  If so, is there a way for me to take ownership of those questions so the valued required setting will work?  I do not want to recreate this entire survey if I can avoid it.  The survey is set to go live to students on Monday, September 16th, so I need a quick resolution if one exists.


      Thanks in advance,