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    Pivot query probelm


      Hi, I am trying to do a pivot report, first I did a simple pivot hard-coding the columns that I was about to use but, it is not convenient so I was asked to do a dynamic report where the columns were selected by a sub-query so I  followed the solution from this post

      Pivot query using XML option in APEX , but I get this error  ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected - got CLOB, now I know that by default that query is set to return CLOB, but the thing is that when I specify the return value to varchar2 my browser freezes and I cannot go any further than that I need to reboot my browser, I'm using Oracle 11g and APEX 3.2.1 here is my query





           xmlserialize(CONTENT DEPARTMENT_XML as varchar2(4000)) XML







                     S_GROUP AS "S GROUP",




                  FROM   MYTABLE  where PER = 'BNA' and department not like 'SI%'  




         PIVOT XML(


                     FOR DEPARTMENT      

                     IN  (select distinct department from MYTABLE )          )



      ORDER BY 1



      Thank you.