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    SQL Developer 4.0 - Database Diff - turn off schema name in generated script


      SQL Developer 4 / RDBMS 11GR2


      I know SQL Developer 4 is EA, but maybe the question has the same answer in 3.3.  Also if 4.0 EA questions need to be asked in a different forum, please advise.


      I am new to SQL Developer and I admit to using brand Z (TOAD) for many, many years.


      (1) When using Database Diff, is there a setting to turn off the schema name that is displayed in the scripts that are generated?  I looked in PREFERENCES, but if it is there, I did not see it.


      (2) While I have found good resources on SQL Developer, is there a FAQ on Database DIff that answers a lot of these silly type questions?


      Thanks in advance