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    Authorization LOV Apex 4.2


      I have 3 database and Apex environment DEV, UAT, and SIT (all should be the same using Import Export)


      But UAT is not allowing users access to a page item due to an authorisation issue.


      The Authorisation LOV on the page in DEV and SIT has a list of Groups that can be selected from that I have created e.g. SSC_MANAGER,SSC_ADMIN but at the very end of the LOV is a number 65978970187  what!!

      I have not created this  65978970187 User Group so where has it come from? How can query the underlying users and groups in the database to compare across my 3 databases to see why the page works in DEV and SIT but not in UAT this is the only difference this rouge User Group in the Authoirization LOV.