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    Planning item forecast consumption


      We have a business need to use forecast demand to react and order long purchasing lead time items early and stock sub-assemblies to reduce manufacturing lead time. However our sales orders are for unique items (configured by outside system) , which cannot be forecasted as these items never repeat.  It’s also not possible to create Product Family or planning BOM with Base model as assembly and saleable items as components because, saleable items keep changing (as they are unique). Due to this reason, standard forecast explosion will not serve the purpose of consuming the forecast. Hence, we are exloring the forecasting at Planning item level, which is a logical group of similar type of saleable items. Planning Bills will be created to include sub assmeblies and critical components. However now we have a problem with consumption, Planning item forecast needs to be consumed as sales orders for Unique items get created. Is there a way in standard oracle to address this business scenario? We are on 11.5.x and using MRP. Early response will be appreciated