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    Could not find Program Unit : OE_Order_PUB.Process_Order

    Shanku Banerjee

      Hi Friends,


      My Appl version is : 12.1.3


      I was trying to write a anonymous block for process order. I used the script under Doc ID 746802.1. I just changed the Quantity and Line_id.

      I get the below message:



      OM Debug file: /sqlcom/outbound/l1009061.dbg

      message is: ORA-06508: PL/SQL: could not find program unit being called in Package OE_Order_PUB Procedure Process_Order

      message index is: 1

      Line Quantity update Failed


      version of OE_Order_PUB:


      /* $Header: OEXPORDB.pls 120.14.12010000.10 2011/02/25 09:41:40 snimmaga ship $ */

      Am I missing something? Has any one found this issue and resolved it?