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    Column Name Length of Tables In ODI


      Hello Everyone,


      I am facing with an unique issue in ODI. We are using ODI AIA for Integration, which has default XML exports of some JD Edwards tables.

      These tables are automatically reversed and models are created using AIA, one such file is named Base.xml and is reversed as a Model named 'Base' in ODI. In this model there are various tables which are created on the basis of the contents of XML file. The column names are derived from XML Tags. Some XML tags are having length greater than 30. This does not create a problem in the model as such, but when using it as source in interface, the temporary tables that are created on-the-fly in a schema (Oracle) does not allow the length to be greater than 30 and hence the interface fails (error : Column name length exceeded), add to it, ODI suffixes column names with a Cnumber_. Since the XML file and tags are standard within the AIA, we cannot alter the length.

      So is there a way to reduce the column name length of temporary tables which are created at runtime by ODI based on the source XML files ?


      Thanks in advance,