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    Auto-register MBeans?

    Juergen Weber

      In JBoss 4 there is a JMX deployer that automatically deploys Mbeans in a .sar archive and initializes it with attribute values from jboss-service.xml ([1]).


      Is there a mechanism like this for Weblogic, too? I'd like to have the server register an mbean and populate it's attributes from a definition file.

      Or is the only way to hand-code this like in [2] ?


      [1] http://docs.jboss.org/jbossas/docs/Server_Configuration_Guide/4/html/JBoss_MBean_Services-The_SARDeployer_MBean.html


      [2] https://blogs.oracle.com/WebLogicServer/entry/developing_custom_mbeans_to_ma