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    4.0EA2 Exporting table DDL puts Not Null constraint as alter statement



      We have referenced partitioned table for which we are trying to get table DDL. Because table is referenced partitioned, Foreign Key columns are expected to have inline Not Null constraint. When we see table sql in sql tab this is not an issue, Not Null constraints are inline. Now we export table DDL through right click menu. This time constraint are listed after Create table as Alter table statements. This causes Create table to fail because not null constraint are not inline


      Summary: (I had reported this earlier for EA1 too)

      Exporting tables with not null constraints exports DDL with not null constraint as Alter table statement. In browser right click on table -> Quick DDL -> Save to Worksheet. Issue is same when table is exported by other options.

      This has undesirable effect when table is reference partitioned then the create table command as constructed by export can not be played as Not Null constraint is not inline.


      This is not an issue when viewing table SQL in table information window.