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    [FATAL] [INS-30508] Invalid ASM disks.


      Dear Gurus


      please help for troubleshoot the Invalid asm disk error on solaris


      Oracle Grid

      Solaris10 with EMC Powerpath Partition


      -bash-3.2$ ./runInstaller -silent -responseFile /aaa/Oracle11g_SunSPARC_64bit/grid/response/grid_install.rsp

      Starting Oracle Universal Installer...


      Checking Temp space: must be greater than 180 MB.   Actual 90571 MB    Passed

      Checking swap space: must be greater than 150 MB.   Actual 90667 MB    Passed

      Preparing to launch Oracle Universal Installer from /tmp/OraInstall2013-09-15_12-17-47PM. Please wait ...-bash-3.2$ [FATAL] [INS-30508] Invalid ASM disks.

         CAUSE: The disks [/dev/rdsk/emcpower2a, /dev/rdsk/emcpower6a, /dev/rdsk/emcpower8a] were not valid.

         ACTION: Please choose or enter valid ASM disks.

      A log of this session is currently saved as: /tmp/OraInstall2013-09-15_12-17-47PM/installActions2013-09-15_12-17-47PM.log. Oracle recommends that if you want to keep this log, you should move it from the temporary location to a more permanent location.

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          seems you have configured oracleasm (ASMLIB)  user root instead of OS user that owns the Grid Infrastructure installation,


          Hope this help

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            We are installing on Solaris10 so we don't have ASMLib.

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              Check if the user under which you are doing this silent install has permissions on ASM disks/

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                post the output of below cmd
                ls -al /dev/rdsk/emcpower*


                hope this helps

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                  I'm grateful for your response and your time


                  We had resolve the issue our self

                  [/dev/rdsk/emcpower2a, /dev/rdsk/emcpower6a, /dev/rdsk/emcpower8a]


                  above partition by default take the slice 0

                  we had refer below link

                  ASM Create Partitions in Solaris and add them as disks in AS


                  In Sparc architecture, the solaris disk is subdivided into 8 slices.


                  Below is the common configuration of these eight slices:

                  slice 0: Holds files and directories that make up the operating


                  slice 1: Swap, Provides virtual memory, or swap space.

                  slice 2: Refers to the entire disk, by convention. The size of this

                  slice should not be changed.**

                  slice 3: /export, Holds alternative versions of the operating system.

                  slice 4: /export/swap. Provides virtual memory space for client

                  systems. ***

                  slice 5: /opt. Holds application software added to a system.

                  slice 6: /usr. Holds operating system commands--also known as

                  executables-- designed to be run by users.

                  slice 7: /home. Holds files created by users.


                  * Cannot be used as ASM disk. Using this slice causes disk corruption

                  and may render the disk as unusable.

                  ** Should not be used as ASM Disk, as slice refers to the entire disk

                  (Including partition tables).

                  *** Is the recommended slice to be used for ASM disk.


                  as per asm recommendation we had used slice 4 the same


                  so we had detail diagnose and came to know that we have to use


                  [/dev/rdsk/emcpower2e, /dev/rdsk/emcpower6e, /dev/rdsk/emcpower8e]


                  here e refer the slice 4


                  we had use below changes in silent file and it's working fine




                  sample logs


                  INFO: Starting Output Reader Threads for process /tmp/OraInstall2013-09-17_05-03-21PM/ext/bin/kfod

                  INFO: Parsing 2560 CANDIDATE /dev/rdsk/emcpower2e oracle oinstall

                  INFO: The process /tmp/OraInstall2013-09-17_05-03-21PM/ext/bin/kfod exited with code 0

                  INFO: Waiting for output processor threads to exit.

                  INFO: Parsing 2560 CANDIDATE /dev/rdsk/emcpower6e oracle oinstall

                  INFO: Parsing 2560 CANDIDATE /dev/rdsk/emcpower8e oracle oinstall