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    Xlsx upload form


      Hi all,

      i recently posted an article asking if it was possible to have a form that would upload an excel spreadsheet.

      i realise now, that was a bit vague.

      I Should have asked:

      can I have a form that uploads xlsx files?

      PLease do not reply with answers on how this can work with CSV files or XLS files.

      this post relates to XLSL files only.

      i Found several answers on how to get this working with CSV.

      also the apex upload wizard allows you to create a form to upload a CSV.

      theres a good article on how to get an uploader working for XLS. But again this doesn't work for xlsx.


      however, a lot of people, like me, want to cut out the step when the user has to convert their file to another format.

      so converting from xlsx to XLS or CSV are both unwanted steps.

      the top answer in this arrticle explains that actual this is not possible due to the face that the APEX listener can't read XSLX files.


      The article was submitted in feb 2012 with no definitive answer on a compatable listener as yet (sep 2013)

      does any one know when there might be a APEX listener that will work with xlsx files, or if there is a work around?