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    In some machine,EDQ think that input date is in buddhist calendar (Thailand)


      Hi I am a EDQ 9.0.6 user.


      I have noticed that in some of my college's EDQ Server in Thailand

      that  their EDQ think that the date time from the input source is in Buddish Calendar. This result  in EDQ automatically change the date time by minus 543 years.

      This also happened in a lab test machine that it happen even with Window 7 OS that its locale, region and language was set as US before EDQ installation.

      However in working machine that there locale was set as Thai it is not happened.


      How to make sure that the machine stop thinking that the input date time is in Buddish calendar?


      Thank you in advance.


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          The situation above is not clear. It is true that the EDQ server's locale may affect the time zone assumed when reading in Date/Time format fields directly from a DB - but also true that the date/time used to DISPLAY a date/time will be in the time zone of the client which may be different.


          Start by right-clicking on a date/time field in the EDQ results browser, selecting Date Time Zone... and seeing what is displayed. This will show two things:


          1. What the EDQ server time zone is

          2. What the client time zone is, if it is different from the EDQ server time zone.


          Note that it is possible to apply time zones where doing date/time processing in EDQ. If working with data where the time zone may be ambiguous you may need to import the data as a string or adjust the date/time zone by converting from date to string and back. Alternatively you may simply need to ensure that the correct time zone (the locale used by Java) is set correctly on the EDQ server.