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    How to change the 'Default operating mode' of a mapping on the repository and not from the client


      Hi everybody,

      I am using OWB and under the mapping's configuration property, I have the necessity to change the Run time parameter "Default operating mode" to SET_BASED in almost all my mappings.

      Because I have 745 mappings in which the Default operating mode is different from SET_BASED, instead to open 745 times the 'Configure' and update manually the value, is there a way to update safely these values (with an oracle predefined script) directly on the repository ?

      I know that exists a view called CMPSTRINGPROPERTYVALUE_V based on a table called CMPSCOPrpClasses, but changing this table it's very complicated for me because contains only keys and then I don't know in which way is connected with all the other structures....


      If somebody knows a method more efficient to do these updates on the repository and not from OWB client I will appreciated it!

      Thanks in advance